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Invincible Gun Safes are all steel and hand ground to a smooth surface. Our safes are finished with an automotive grade, chip resistant powder coating, in high gloss, textured or our Exclusive acid washed rust finish .Or our raw steel safe with clear powdercoat. Other safe makers use plastic fillers and liquid paint finishes, which easily chip and break off.

Heavy Metal...

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The lnvincible Gun Safes 11 lbs of plaques and accents are cut or cast from solid brass then hand polished, brushed, or antiqued. Our competitors use decals or stencils.

Our spoke handle is manufactured from five pounds of solid brass. Other makers use handles imported from China with only thin plating, which will wear off with use. Ours last forever...

What’s inside COUNTS!

The interiors of lnvincible Gun Safes are designed for both, beauty and functionality. Our interiors come standard in wood-grained finishes.

Other makers charge extra for wood

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grain interiors... theirs come standard with carpet or cloth interiors that capture moisture which will ultimately ruin what they’re supposed to protect over time.

Gear driven locking system for bank vault-type operation. The handle is connected to the gears through a clutch to prevent excess force from being applied to the mechanism and has a smooth ball-bearing action.

Our gear driven "Shock Transfer Locking System" is the strongest in the industry. Any force applied to the lug bolts is transferred to the double strength door frame. This prevents excess force from damaging the combination lock.

Drill-resistant C-65 Rockwell hard plate protects the combination lock and entire gear assembly. Dual independent relocking devices automatically trigger, in case of attack on the combination lock.

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Invincible Gun Safes have the strongest door mechanism in the industry, with features not found in other safes, such as our original design “Gear Driven Shock Transfer System”, which has been partially copied by others in the industry, and is the strongest in the world. Any force applied to the lug bolts is transferred to the double strength door frame.

For example, our 60x40 safe has eighteen 1” diameter stainless steel lugs, each safe has more stainless steel lugs, for its size, than any other on the market. The lugs are guided through solid brass bushings, machined in house from solid brass bar stock.


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Our handles, Locking Lugs and Lug Bushings are machined in-house, by hand... from solid brass and Solid stainless steel. Our competion buy their, handles, lugs and bushings from companies in china that use inferior metal and then thinly plate them to look like more expensive solid metals.

Gear Driven “Bank Vault” type operation

Our handles are connected to the gears through a clutch to prevent excess force from being applied to the mechanism and have a smooth ball-bearing action. They are also supported by 2 sealed roller bearings


Drill resistant C-65 Rockwell hard plate protects the combination LOCK and GEAR ASSEMBLY!!!

Independent, automatically triggered, dual re-locking devices, in case of attack on the combination lock


• S&G combination locks, (key locking)
• S&G electronic digital locks
• S&G biometric locks (fingerprint)
• LaGuard electronic locks
• KABA MAS Hamilton


Our Standard Gun Safes are built to withstand an 1800 degree fire for over 1 hour.

Every Invincible Gun Safe comes standard with a minimum of one inch thick FIBERGLASS - gypsum combination lining is not only mold, mildew and fungus resistant, and does not wick moisture from the air like the competitions standard sheetrock insulation. Our doors are protected by an intumescent seal made in the USA, which expands to eight times its size, sealing the door tightly.

Our fit and finish gives our safes the industries best door to frame fit. Fire resistance is further enhanced by our solid brass lug bushings. Other safe makers use PLASTIC bushings, which melt in a fire, causing the door to spring open slightly, consequently, allowing heat and smoke to enter the safe.
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Assorted Finish Options
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Acid Etched Finish
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Textured Finish Close-Up
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All of these items...

...only Halfway fill the safe!

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